About this Blog

Why the 'No Patch Squad'?

I hate patched up code. I don't like the idea of making something work without thinking about the consequences of the decisions taken, design wise.  I know it's a necessary evil. But you should always go back and fix it!!. I know you've heard of technical debt, haven't you ?
I'm the only member of this squad so far. Maybe I can get some recruits with this blog.

About the Author

I'm Arnulfo Rodriguez. I've been a software developer for over 11 years and counting and I'm passionate for some things regarding my profession:
  • I like clean code (not that I always write it that way : ( )

  • If I have to do the same task more than 3 times. I'll probably start looking for a way to script it or get a tool to do it for me.

  • Thanks to the company that had the patience to put up with me for almost 9 years I learnt to appreciate the benefits of parsing, analysing and transforming code and I learned a thing or two about functional programming.

  • I worked two years in a project were I was introduced to Agile and I really liked it. It looks to me better suited for software development in a lot of situations than the traditional waterfall model and alikes.

  • I loooove refactoring  in two very different senses:
    • How it works under the hood 
    • For what it was conceived. Fixing code!!

  •  Last but not least I'm intrigued with good software design (Architecture?). Because it's hard to tell what it is. But you definitely can spot a good design when you see it.
 So I decided to start a blog to talk about the themes you can infer from the list above.

A little more personal

I'm a christian believer that enjoys spending time with my family and friends. I started surfing at age 30 and I love it even though I can still be considered a big time kook. I used to play basketball a lot but not anymore.